What 2 Stroke Engine Fuel oil ratios to be used

Are you in need to understand what 2 stroke fuel ratio to be used for your dirt bike then you are at the correct spot, here we will discuss all the aspects of mixing the fuel-oil ratio and what is the best ratio for its hundred per cent efficiency and performance?

Actually, for anyone it can be tough and hard because mixing it on the proper ratio is the most important thing. If there is something wrong and a mistake is made then and it can be a disaster for your engine even it can be destroyed completely.

But if you wish to know the answer to this question then I will say a mixture ratio according to the manufacturer of your dirt bike will be perfect.

Because they are the manufacturer of the bike and they have made it so they know all the mechanisms and parts of the engine and their recommendation will be the best answer to your question. Do You Need Insurance on A Dirt Bike? You can understand it by this article.

What 2 Stroke Engine Fuel oil ratios to be used?

What 2 Stroke Engine Fuel oil Ratios To be Used

As the name implies a 2 stroke engine is differently made than a four-stroke engine. Here you can see the difference of two-stroke.

It means for every turn of the crank’s, the two-stroke engine is generating one power stroke. On the other hand, we see a four-stroke engine generates one power stroke for every 4 strokes.

As you can easily understand the oil is used for lubrication purposes. And engine continuously moves with the high speed and in that condition, it requires lubrication so that the friction between the parts is reduced and the wear and tear possibility can be minimized.

In the two-stroke engine, there is no valve and camshaft but there are ports in the cylinder which is operated by Piston itself.

That is why the oil-fuel mixture enters into the crankshaft and then enters into the cylinder when charge enters into the crankcase and this mixture lubricates the crankshaft and then it enters into the cylinder and reduces friction between Piston and cylinder surface.

In the four-stroke engine, the scenario is different from the two-stroke engine.

Why oil is mixed with fuel?

In 4 stroke engines normally there is the best lubrication system or Splash type lubrication system is used. When it comes to the two-stroke engines can’t use such a dedicated lubrication system because two-stroke engines you will see that the inlet and outlet both are mounted on the sidewalls of the cylinder. If in two-stroke engine pump lubrication systems or Splash type is used then oil may enter in bores and block them.

There is an oil sump inside the crankcase of the four-stroke engines and a crankcase in two-stroke engines are used for pumping the air-fuel mixture to the combustion chamber. So it makes it unusable for storing lubrication oil.

Hence the use of a dedicated lubrication system in a two-stroke engine is not possible and lubricant oil is mixed with fuel so that the area of cylinder and piston can be reduced from friction effect.

How to mix two-stroke fuel for a dirt bike?

Step 1: Find out the proper mixing ratio for your dirt bike.

Determine the ratio for the mixture to be made and it is the most important factor to get all the information regarding this.

Step 2: Have one oil measuring cup, jug or container

For measuring and pouring the oil into the fuel you need 1 jug or container for this that makes your work very easy.

Step 3: Using this measuring cup you have to mix up oil and fuel with ratio accurately and then pour it inside the container where the oil is.

Cleaning the jug or container properly you need to put a little bit of oil inside it and shake it until it is completely dissolved with the oil then again pour it to the container of your fuel.

Step 4: When you go to buy the oil then you should go for branded companies only. In my point of view, there are many companies which are best like belt and Castrol. Using premium oil for your two-stroke engine will give 100% efficiency and it will enhance the performance of the bike.

Step 5: Never go for saving your money when it comes to buying the fuel and oil for your bike always go for premium one which has higher quality.  When you finish the proper mixing of oil and fuel pour it inside the fuel tank.

Oil Fuel Ratio

The most common ration for 2 strokes is between 32:1 and 40:1 which means for your mixture gasoline 40 parts is mixed with one part of the oil.

Final words

I hope now you will also be able to understand what two-stroke engine oil ratios to be used? We have explained in detail about the mixing process of oil with fail to prepare a mixture.


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