How to Find Neutral on a dirt bike For Beginners

So you are a newbie and finding difficulty in learning how to ride a dirt bike because everyone struggles to find the neutral gear. A number of people do not even care about it before going to learn to ride. You will hear from many people that controlling the clutch and throttle is hard but believe me nothing is as hard as finding the neutral gear for a newbie.

So the question here will be, how to easily find the neutral gear while riding the dirt bike.

Neutral is nowhere but it is between the first and the second gear. To get into neutral gear completely move down the gear to bottom. Maybe it will take up to a couple of pushes of the foot. Now you are at the bottom gear and this gear is the first gear.  Now you have to lift it a little bit. You have to keep your movement very light. Once if you feel a light sound of click then you have moved into the second gear.

During the learning period, it can be necessary but once you become a Pro Rider then you will not need to use the neutral gear at all.

What does it mean of Neutral Gear on Dirt Bike?

We have already discussed that neutral gear is always between the first and second gear.

Neutral gear means the bike is in zero position and all gear is ideal, not engaged. That means if the gear will be in neutral then it will not run and even the engine is running bike is not going to move.

Dirt Bike comes with different gear levels on different bikes that mean it is not necessary that every bike will have the same number of gears. Depending on your dirt bike you will see the maximum gear level will be up to 6th and normally a large number of Dirt Bike come with gear up to 5th level.

Usually when a new rider rides a dirt bike then he starts slowly and firstly tries to be master in second and third gear. But initially, when a newbie starts the bike and changes or shifts the gear from neutral to first, it is the most important position where he needs to be the best. At this position usually, bike stops when a newbie tries to leave the clutch and increase throttle.

Tips to Find the Neutral Gear on the Dirt Bike

Beginners can struggle a little bit when they are in the initial stage of Dirt Bike riding. So we are giving you the best tips on how to find the neutral.

Stomp Your gear till it touches the bottom and then just lightly Move It upward using your foot. You have to keep fit very light otherwise it will move to the second gear. If while pushing it upward any clicking sounds come then you have to confirm that you have moved to the second gear.

In simple words When will shift from first gear to neutral then there will be light click sound will produce and if the sound click is is heavy powerful than definitely it is 2nd gear. That means you have passed the neutral position of the gear.

Order of Gears

Order of Gears
Manual dirt bike consists of the almost the same number of gears:

(it depends on your dirt bike which differs from others)

Neutral (that needs to be identified and it’s a challenging process for a beginner)

How To find neutral on a Dirt Bike

Why it is important to find the Neutral Gear?

Already discussed what is neutral gear so you have already got an idea that in neutral all ears are disengaged even if the in-engine is in running condition. The wheels will be stationary when it is in neutral.

When you shift to the first gear and lift the clutch Lever then bike start to move. According to gear, the wheels get more speed to run. At its top Gear, the bike can run the faster it can.

Being a newbie you might be thinking why by companies put neutral between first and second gear. So this is real and important question and there will be some logic behind this.

Yes of course,

You are right if you are thinking about this.

Nothing is there in this world without a reason. If there is a neutral position between the gears it means at the bottom it should start with zero, I mean neutral. But it is starting with the first gear.

Everything starts with zero and it increases but here it is starting with one then it is neutral and now it is going in a sequence starting from 2 and moving up to 5 or 6.

Here is the reason behind this:

Why neutral is not at the bottom and the first ear is on the bottom is bike production company is making it easy to run. For Disengaging gear, the clutch lever is an important part that separates the engine from the wheel.

When you drive into traffic area then you need to start and stop your bike again and again and in this condition, it is found to be easy when the 1st gear is at the bottom.  Whatever gear will be there you will try to move to the first gear because while riding you need to be in first or second gear.

You just cannot ride using third or more gears. You need to use your clutch and brake again and again so in this condition you would love to find first gear first. And that is in the bottom and it is easy to move to the first gear.

If suddenly anything comes in front of your bike and you are at second or 3rd gear then the 1st gear position will be a couple of pushes near and You can simply stop your bike. The most important position to find is the first gear, not the neutral position.

How to shift Neutral using the clutch

For your kind information, I would like to tell you that you can start your bike at any gear but being a newbie you should not do it and you should rely on the basics and that is the way, you have to start your bike at neutral.

Starting your bikes at neutral first you need to get into this position. The toughest part of my bike learning was when I was starting my bike with the kick and shifting my gear from neutral to first and slowly leaving clutch with a little bit of throttle. My bike was usually stopping and I faced this issue many days.

Being a beginner, you really need to understand the working procedure of clutch and how does a clutch work and what is its process. Because it is an important part of any bike or any four-wheeler vehicle.

It is one of the most important parts of any vehicle because it is used to disengage the engine from the wheels. And one important point to be noted is whenever you wish to shift gear then you have to disengage your engine before shifting the gear.

Whether it is a bike or car it is really necessary steps to take otherwise it will be harmful to the gearbox and engine also. While moving an engine if anyone changes the gear then it directly affects the gearbox.

So if anyone wants their vehicle or bike to be in good condition then he should always take care of all the good practices and should always make a practice to change or shift the gear using the clutch. Good practices will always protect your bike.

Reason of Neutral Gear Between 1st and 2nd Gear

There is not just one reason why the neutral gear is between the first and the second gear. There are many different reasons which are technical and as well as non-technical.

Your question may be why neutral is never between third and fourth gear. In most of the cases, neutral gear is always at the bottom or between the first and second gear why it is never between 4th or 5th other than mentioned above.

So the first answer which will be non-technical is when you are in the traffic then you need to move or shift the gear to the lowest and that is first or second.

But when in rush you shift your gear then it will directly reach the bottom gear and that should be first gear without any confusion you will be sure that you have moved to the last stage that is first gear.

But what if it is neutral then again you have to shift into first gear and that is a little bit confusing for you to decide what were you are right now. What when you shift the gear To The Bottom Then it will be only first gear.

The technical reason why it is between the first and second gear that is manufacturers have got the terms which are defined in the US code of Federal regulations under Title 14. Under this regulation, there is nothing that the manufacturers can do about it except in exceptional circumstances.

Last words

I would really appreciate it if your feedback about this article and tell me whether you have understood how to find neutral in a dirt bike. Especially when a beginner is searching for this query and if you are also a beginner and read it then I would like to know that it is helpful for you or not?

Dirt Bike riding is genuinely a great adventure and no one can deny it if he is in the field of riding. Lots of activities can be performed using a dirt bike. If someone tries to whip a dirt bike then he needs to practice and just riding is not enough if someone is really passionate about it.

I would love to read your feedback so please write if any e query you have. Thanks and Happy Adventure life.


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